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Emergency Cell Phone Charger

If you've ever been involved in building out a large scale network, you've undoubtedly heard about single points of failure. The BlackBerry network itself is a single point of failure as we saw last week: if it goes down, every single person that relies on BlackBerry email is hosed (pun intended: it is a Canadian device!). But for you personally, the biggest single point of failure is probably your battery: if you run out of juice and you don't have your travel charger, you are, well... hosed.

Which is where the latest BlackBerry accessory I found comes into play: an
Emergency Cell Phone Charger
that runs off of a couple (four to be exact) double AA batteries. This gadget can be used anywhere: it generates an extra 20-30 minutes of talk time, when your battery is drained out and fits in your pocket or purse. Pick one up now before your battery runs out!

February 18, 2008 in Accessories, Hardware, Tips by ajohnson


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