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AOL, MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ for your Blackberry: veriChat

Om Malik brought VeriChat to my attention this past weekend. It purports to be "... an always-on, unified instant messaging (IM) application for RIM BlackBerry devices... that keeps you connected to Yahoo!, ICQ, MSN & AOL." Unfortunately, just like many other applications I download, the Blackberry is hampered by the carriers because they don't provide a full TCP-IP stack unless you're on an MDS server. The interesting thing about this service is that it's a subscription; the connections to AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ are all made through a proxy unlike Trillian which has the libraries for connecting to each service on the client. While I'm sure the guys at PDAapps are good and trustworthy, it's still another hop (which means lag) and it also means that they could watch every conversation you have via IM, which is probably not something you want if you're using this for business. On the other hand, the ability to connect to each service with one application and it's always-on connectivity are incredibly useful; I'm not sure why Blackberry hasn't included something like this in it's native stack because it would be the second most used application on the Blackberry behind email.

If you're lucky enough to have an account on an MDS server, you can download a trial version of this application here, which will work for 30 days. The full version costs $34.95 plus a $29.95 subscription renewal every year.

November 08, 2004 in Software by ajohnson


I found verichat really slow compared to webmessenger... I was running it on a 7730.. generally is webmessenger or verichat better (I admit verichat looks nicer...)

Posted by: naquada on November 21, 2004 3:16 PM

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